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Wanna watch an average band stand still on stage, stare at their instruments, and play generic songs that all sound the same?

Then, get fucked.

Even if you aren't into live music, you will be once you see Cable Street.

Cable Street has blown the pants off festivals and venues all over Canada, and has even been featured at Indie Week Canada in Toronto.  There is a reason every venue and every festival they play immediately asks them to come back.  That reason is they put on a show of pure energy and performance.

Oh, also they are very attractive.

In summary, raise your damn standards

when it comes to live music.  Don't just

'support live music' demand it be good! 

Then you can actually enjoy it.

Go see a Cable Street show already!




They think we're simple. Complacent. From their leather backed chairs they spoon feed us the same derivative bullshit and expect us to beg for more. Image consultants turn naive new artists into roadside freak shows to cover up the fact that you've heard this song before. It's time for us to change that. 

Cable Street is forcing back the march of the music industry fascists that demand conformity and market value over expression. 

"To music execs, talent is a commodity," says Mat, bassist. "To be discarded for the next shiny thing." 

"We're in it for the music," says Adam, vocals. "And putting on a great fucking show." 

Hailing from western Canada, Adam, Mat, Eric (guitars), and Dan (drums and percussion) rallied in 2011 to take a stand against music that was getting louder, dumber and more repetitive. With lyrics that make you think and beats that make you move, Cable Street has been shaking things up in Canada's alternative scene where they've been referred to as "local favourites", and "the next Killers, but with better vocals". 


2016 Road to Indie Week Winners
2016 Original Music Showcase
2016 Indie Week Canada Featured Artist
2017 YYCMA Rock Recording of the Year Nominee

2018 YYCMA Music Video of the Year Winner